Pastor Blessed

Get to Know Pastor Blessed Uzochikwa

Get to Know Pastor Blessed Uzochikwa, fondly called Pastor Blessed by many, is the resident pastor of The Waterbrook (TWB) Church in Lekki Area of Lagos State, and hails from Delta State, both in Nigeria. At the early stage, prior to ascending to the evangelical ministering, Pastor Blessed has been a devout and enthusiastic follower of Jesus Christ, a loyal hearer and doer of God’s Word as well as being a character exhibiting various leadership traits. Unsurprisingly, his father is equally a preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and oversees a prayer ministry which explains his profound background and path to righteousness. He has fervently emulated his dad’s pious ways which is apparent in his Christian lifestyle and preaching of the gospel he exhibits from his childhood.

Pastor Blessed Uzochikwa is a graduate of the University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria, where he obtained a B.Sc. in Computer Science in 2010 as his first degree. Subsequently, and as a knowledge enthusiast, Pastor Blessed proceeded to have multiple professional certifications, amongst which is the Stanford Advanced Project Management (SAPM) Certification from Stanford University, United States (awarded in 2016).

He is a visionary leader who is very passionate about God, as well as preaching the good news and ministry of reconciliation of Jesus Christ to the broken world. Over the years, Pastor Blessed has been under the mentorship of Senior Pastor Tony Rapu—the senior and lead pastor of House of Freedom, a parent organisation to The Waterbrook Church, along five other faith organizations. In 2018, Pastor Blessed founded “The Upper Room” – a prayer movement of enthusiastic Christians who believe in the power of prayer as their voice of faith in Christ. Stemming from of his unquenchable thirst for Christ, in addition to his primary mission to build a generation of true Christians, Blessed Uzochikwa was ordained the resident pastor of The Waterbrook Church in 2019, a leadership position he has held graciously and enthusiastically. He is also greatly revered for his wisdom-filled and impactful teaching of God’s Word, which is by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

God has used Pastor Blessed mightily to bless everyone that comes across him, just as he is already an embodiment of blessings as seen in his name.

Wherever Pastor Blessed is, blessings are bound to happen. Through the help and leadership of the Holy Spirit, Pastor Blessed has made giant strides in the ministry handed to him by God.

When he became the resident pastor of TWB Church in 2019, he hosted a global conference tagged, “Living Your Best Life”, which had Pastor Stephen Chandler—the lead pastor of The Union Church, Maryland, United States in attendance, as well as other virtuous ministers of God. In 2020, the church population grew three folds and this is evident of the God’s manifestation and good news of Christ that Pastor Blessed delivered. Sadly, in the same year, a fire incidence completely razed the faith house with close to nothing to salvage. About a year later, the church was rebuilt and currently receive a triple population of initial number of the church attendants. This can be traced to the unwavering leadership of the pastors championed by Pastor Blessed. In addition, and by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, Pastor Blessed Uzochikwa has authored a daily devotional titled, “Uplift with Pastor Blessed”, a daily reminder of Christ-like life and walking the righteous path.

As an experienced IT professional, Pastor Blessed has accumulated vast experiences in project and service management. He is highly skilled in network design and administration, business process automations, and design of models for business process improvements. Indeed, Pastor Blessed Uzochikwa is a blessing to this generation!

How beautiful are the feet of they that bring Good news